miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

Alzahra Ames Designs Hunt (Hints)

  Secret Garden in the Clouds                  
1- AADH 1- Because I love You          
2- AADH 2-  Grass, butterflies and me
3- AADH 3-   The waterfall are close to me          
4- AADH 4-  Relax in the Clouds          
5-AADH 5- These sofas are comfortable          
6-AADH 6-  I like to play          
7-AADH 7- Hello Mermaid!!

Aquarium by Alzahra Ames
8-AADH 8- The river have a bridge
9-AADH 9-I´m with dolphins
10-AADH 10- The fishes are with me

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